About GrokShock Studios

Rhyme and Reason

grok: (verb)

To understand something at such a profoundly deep level that it essentially becomes a part of your own reality.

grokshock: (noun)

A sudden moment of complete clarity and deep understanding. Often referred to as an "aha moment".

GrokShock Philosophy

It has recently been estimated that about 70 precent of the population in the United States plays video games for an average of 8 hours per week. That adds up to a whopping 1.8 billion man hours spent playing video games each week in the United States alone!

Now consider this. What if these games were not only fun and entertaining, but also provided some real world value? What if they helped you learn something, or helped you be more productive? What if they helped solve real world problems? Imagine what would happen if BILLIONS of man hours were spent each week making the world a better place!

At GrokShock Studios that is exactly what we imagine. We believe that the fun and addictive nature of games can be harnessed to produce a positive impact in the real world. Video games are the perfect Trojan horse. A way to sneak education and productivity into the lives of millions of people without them even realizing it. That is, until they have been grokshocked.

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