La Galerie

V1.3 Update Released! ...( Jan. 30, 2012 )

La Galerie v1.3 has updated code and should now compile better. Now available on the Unity Asset Store!

V1.2 Update Released! ...( Mar. 10, 2011 )

La Galerie v1.2 introduces a new customizable GUI script! LaGUI allows you to add buttons to your gallery for more intuitive visual navigation. The sample galleries on the right have been updated with buttons, and a new video has been added below. Available now on the Unity Asset Store!

La Galerie Released! ...( Mar. 4, 2011 )

La Galerie La Galerie is a small collection of scripts for the Unity game engine, designed to help artists quickly and easily set up interactive 3d galleries without having to write a single line of code! Now available on the Unity Asset Store!

Check out the sample galleries listed on the right and demo videos on YouTube!

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La Galerie Menu

- Carousel Demo

- Film Strip Demo

- Swap Demo

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